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Show Notes

#33 Jake Murray

11:35 - Jake mentions Sasuke, the Japanese television show that inspired American Ninja Warrior:

15:13 - Isaac Caldiero’s winning run in 2015. He was the first contestant to complete all three stages of the competition

15:34 - They talk about Kacy Cantanzaro, the first woman to qualify for the finals of the show. Her historic 2014 run:

17:23 - Payson mentions a blog post from a parenting blog about why American Ninja Warrior is such a positive influence:

21:22 - Jake talks about the farthest he’s ever gotten on the competition—the final obstacle of Stage 2 in 2016—after injuring his shoulder during warmup:

29:20 Jake talks about his successful audition modeled after the angry dance scene in the original Footloose:

29:51 Jake’s submission video:
31:20 - Payson mentions Jake’s showmanship on the warped wall:

35:34 - Payson mentions CrossFit athlete Camille Leblanc-Bazinet:

37:21 - Payson mentions an interview where Jake talks about his car:

44:56 - They talk about the 2018 CrossFit Games where the competitors had to row 26.2 miles

55:53 - They talk about Ninja vs. Ninja and Jake's competition against Nicholas Coolridge

56:32 - Red Bull Straight Rhythm


#32 Mark Twight: Pt II

5:49 – NonProphet  –


7:08 – Michael Blevins:


7:38 – Erin Blevins:


9:43 – Raze Zine


16:22 – Refuge book:


16:29 – Podcast:


16:32 – NonProphet website:


18:12 – Man Of Steel – Henry Cavill


27:27 – Jason Mamoa


Pride Of Gypsies production company:

35:30 – Training the actors for 300:

40:27 – Zach Snyder, director of 300:

45:17 – Gym Jones reference:


1:08:45 – Joe Holmes, former director of the Hagens Berman elite team and cycling coach out of the Northwest



1:11:20 – Refuge book:


1:19:54: Macho Direct route on Mont Blanc

1:25:23: Kelly Halpin (@kyehalpin) and the WURL:

1:35:20: Photo of Mt Everest that Payson is referencing:

1:46:55: Trash on Mt Everest:

1:50:00: Cory Richards on the Northeast Ridge of Everest:


1:51:16: David Lama route in Nepal:


1:56:06: Kelly Halpin with Mark Twight on his Dissect podcast:


2:06:34: Refuge book – order here:


2:07:35: Instagram handles for Mark and NonProphet:


2:11:10: Payson references Standing Man short film:

#31 Colin Strickland


9:00 – Payson and Colin recount the post-event night after racing at Red Bull Bayclimb.


10:55 – Payson references the Taos Earthships:


11:05 – Colin references Antonio Columbo’s art gallery in Milan:


12:15 – Colin and Payson talk about both going to the Waldorf school:


17:36 – Colin mentions Education First Cycling:


17:59 – Colin talks about Dirty Kanza:


18:37 – Taylor Phinney is referenced:


19:18 – Paris-Roubaix:


24:55 – Red Hook Crit is a race series based in Brooklyn, NY.


28:30 – Colin explains the formation of his original team with Intelligensia:


31:27 – Colin’s gravel race in the Texas Chainring Massacre against Lance Armstrong:


32:22 – SBT GRVL Race:


33:10 – Colin’s Dirty Kanza Race:


45:30 – Colin’s Strava file from Dirty Kanza:


51:12 – Belgian Waffle Ride:


56:04 – Colin’s three motorcycles:

Triumph Scrambler 900:


Ducati Hypermotard:

BMW 1150 GS 2004:


1:04:20 – David Wenger, coach behind Durata Training in Austin:


1:06:00 – Colin references winning Kanza and multiple Red Hook Crits:


1:08:57 – Red Bull Bayclimb discussion:


1:13:22 – Payson references Sep Kuss stage win at the Vuelta:


1:15:48 – Payson and Colin reference Brodie Chapman, winner of the SBT GRVL race:

 #30 Mark Twight: Part I


Mark’s books:

More of Mark’s writing:


7:20 – Talking podcasts – Mark Twight hosts the Dissect Podcast:


8:25 – Mark references his climbing career, which is best summed up by all the references and first ascents listed on his Wiki page:


10:55 – Payson references the book Endure by Alex Hutchinson.


11:54 – Dissect podcast with Mark Twight and Alex Hutchinson:


16:48 - Alex’s fastest known ascent of Denali:


18:19 - Slipstream, Fastest Known Time set (2h4m) in 1988 that still stands.


21:49 – Mark references Felix Baumgartner and the Red Bull Stratos project:


23:00 – Mark references Boone Speed


23:45 – Alastair Humphreys coined the term “microadventure”


26:00 – Payson references Tim Ferriss:


28:18 – Mark talks about the UCI World Cup series – watch the 2019 Downhill World Championships here:


28:45 – Payson references Red Bull Rampage, watch the 2019 event live on October 25, 2019:


29:12 – Payson references Camille Leblanc-Bazinet. Her Adventure Stache podcast can be found here:


31:10 – Mark references Nanga Parbat, the ninth-tallest mountain in the world. The “Killer Mountain”:


33:38 – Mark references the deaths of David Lama, Jess Roskelley and Hanjörg Auer.


40:35 – Mark discusses Alex Honnold’s Free Solo of El Cap.


42:20 – The Eiger Sanction movie with Clint Eastwood:


42:30 – Touching The Void climbing film:


43:12 – The Dawn Wall Film:


53:44 – Walls In Shadow, one of the most technically difficult routes on Mt Hunter:


59:55 – Payson and Mark talk about The White Rim FKT:


1:01:02 – Tim Matthews Dissect Podcast 63:


1:41:29 – Mark references Halva, one of the additional pieces of nutrition he brought to Denali for the FKT:


Mark’s companions on the Denali FKT push:

Scott  Backes -

Steve House -


2:03:04 – Kilian Jornet and the Everest FKT without ropes or supplemental oxygen (in 26 hours):


2:11:50 – Payson references Mark’s Dissect podcast:

#29 Kelly Halpin


11:44 – Kelly breaks down her multiple athletic pursuits


22:47 – Kelly talks about her art and studio:


Kelly’s prints for sale:


27:05 – Kelly’s website for both art and athlete resume:


29:42 – Timelapse of Kelly’s artwork:


30:50 – Image of art that Payson and Kelly are discussing:


39:35 – Wasatch Ultimate Ridge FKT:


A list of Kelly’s FKTs:


Kelly’s Center Punch Traverse, a route she set and FKT’d in September 2019:


48:55 – The Grand Teton Picnic:


54:35 – Kelly was the first female to finish the Grand Teton Picnic in 2013. She has now done the Picnic five times.


1:10:40 – Kelly’s Instagram: and Kelly’s website:


Additional videos of Kelly:

#28 Lynsey Dyer


5:04 - Unicorn Picnic:  / @unicornpicnic 


5:22 - SheJumps Nonprofit:


5:32 - Kickstarter page for Pretty Faces film, which raised $113,534 in 2015:


8:25 - Brown Blader short film:


8:44 - Pretty Faces film:


19:37 - Après Ski reality show on BravoTV:


24:24 - Kelly Halpin:


25:44 - Rich Roll podcast, Kelly’s interview and show notes:


30:37 - Transformational Breathing:


48:01 - Draw Down Book - the 100 most substantive solutions to global warming:


48:48 - Protect Our Winters


48:55 - Lynsey’s Ted Talk


55:20 - Podcasting - Lynsey’s ShowingUP Podcast:


1:05:10 - Teton Rehabilitation Center

#25 GrandPOOBear

GrandPOOBear is “The People’s Speedrunner”. Speedrunning is a discipline of Gaming where the goal is finishing video games as quickly as possible.




Instagram –

YouTube -

Discord -



8:39 – Grandpoobear talks about his history with 14 surgeries throughout his life and career


12:55 – Grandpoobear talks about his progression in snowboarding


18:02 – That’s It That’s All, Brain Farm Cinema


18:17 – Double Decade, Mack Dawg Productions


20:10 – Kaizo Mario (what is it)


21: 29 – GDQ - Games Done Quick  2019 reference


21:36 – Lutze reference (GPB called to apologize for weak sgdq)


22:02 – Doctors without borders 3.1m dollars at GDQ



24:11 – SGDQ team race:


29:17 – GPB talks about why Ninja is important to the world of Gaming.


30:30 – GPB talks about Twitch


30:47 – Twitch prime subscription how-to:


31:05 – GPB talks about YouTube


34:40 – GPB talks about the snowboard accident that changed his life.


42:58 – Payson references The Red Bulletin interview with GrandPOOBear where they speak in detail about how he makes money as a Gamer:


43:48 – GPB references the video game Rust


45:19 - DRAM speedrun of Kaizo World at GDQ


46:22 – Sinister1 Blindfolded Punch-Out run at Games Done Quick 2014:


49:35 – Speedrunning Leaderboard – 

GPB’s current results:


51:24 – PangaeaPanga the Mario Maker level making legend is mentioned. Here is one of his oldest and most famous levels:


57:38 – GPB talks about grinding levels and the temptation to walk away and start again the next day. Here’s an example of a level that he tried to beat for days on end, then walked away and beat it within 20 minutes the next morning. Shellscape:


59:00 – GPB talks more about YouTube and what went in to building it up.


1:01:55 – Grandpoobear talks about his SuperDRAM World run at GDQ. This performance was the turning point in his career as a Speedrunner:



1:05:30 – What it takes to be a professional gamer, and how many hours go into not only playing the game, but editing and creating content while he builds up multiple channels – YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram.


1:08:05 – Warp World company reference


1:08:20 – GrandPOOBear talks about his friend Jaku, his partner in Warp World and his unbelievable full-time job that he does when he’s not streaming.


1:10:00 – Warp World Podcast


1:10:10 – I Got One Podcast with Jaku and Johnny Christmas


1:11:05 – How GPB structures his days around streaming and running his business


1:13:35 – How he deals with trolls in his chat stream while he’s playing


1:17:50: “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches.”


1:20:35 – St Jude’s gaming event in June


1:20:50 – GDQ events referenced


1:21:08 – Mario Masters Colosseum


1:21:25 – Direct Relief charity


1:22:00 – Wings For Life charity


1:23:55 – GPB talks about Red Bull High Performance and becoming a RB athlete


1:27:09 – John Jackson surprised him with his first Red Bull hat and welcomed him to the team while he was streaming.


1:34:08 – GrandPOOBear’s Mario Maker tutorial level:


1:35:11 – GPB talks about working for the Denver Nuggets, shooting their t-shirt cannon and getting daps from P.Diddy.


1:37:35 – GPB breaks down his dream four-way pro wrestling matchup, and how pro wrestling and video games are intertwined.

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